Guard Tour System/ Walkie-Talkies/ Punch Card Machine

Guard Tour System helps a company management to monitor the activities of the security personnel to ensure that they do their patrolling task according to the pre-arranged patrol routes and timing.

Without such a Guard Tour System, there is no way to prove whether the security personnel are doing their round of patrol.

As a Malaysia Guard Tour System specialist based in Petaling Jaya, Enfotec supply and install reliable Digital Clocking Device for commercial security service provider, government agencies, offices, malls, factories, apartment, condominium and warehouses.






  • Security Guard Company
  • Condominium/Apartment/Flat
  • Gated and Guarded Residence (G&G)
  • Government Agency (E.g. Hospital, Masjid, Kompleks Pentadbiran…)
  • Hotel
  • Shopping Mall
  • Showroom
  • Factory/ Warehouse
  • Carpark



Benefits of Using  Digital Security Equipment

(Guard Tour System/Walkie-Talkies/Punch Card Machine) 

Standardizes the documentation

Using a digital security equipment sends a powerful message to your officer that you care about how security tasks are being performed. One important function is to provide accurate documentation and the data captured is also looks more presentable and organized and make it easier to be reviewed by others authorized people, e.g. security manager, supervisor or company auditor.

Increase accountability, productivity & accuracy

The digital security equipment acts as a monitoring tool for assuring good performance from security personnel. After implementing a system, many security departments find that it confirms what they have suspected. Some officers are not performing their tasks given. The documentation of a Guard Tour System and Punch Card Machine greatly simplifies the task of improving security personnel’s’ performance and thus provides support or documentation when disciplinary action is required. These digital system can improve staff attitude, establish accountability and promote professionalism in your department /company and thus greater efficiency can be achieved.

Mitigate liability

Reports generated by Guard Tour System and Punch Card Machine can serve as a ‘Proof of Guard Presence’ to you, your management and your insurance company as well, especially in the event of untoward incident or litigation occurred.

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